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Furnaces in Houston

Prevent your heating system from deteriorating with our repairs for furnaces in Houston. Don't get caught without heat on a cold January night. For more than 37 years, Du-West AC Houston has handled all the furnace repair and replacement needs of homeowners in the area.

It is important to pay attention when your furnace is underperforming or not functioning smoothly. Give us a call so we can assess the situation and determine whether furnace replacement, repair, or general maintenance is the right choice for you. Not sure what to look for? We can help, particularly if your unit is 15 years old or more. Simply notify us if you observe any of the following issues:

» Rooms Are Too Hot or Cold
» You Need Repairs Every Two Years or Even More Frequently
» Yellow Burner Flame Instead of Blue
» Strange Noises
» CO Leakages that Cause Illness in Your Family
» Increased Energy Bills
» Excessive Dust

Furnaces Houston

Furnace Repair & Maintenance Promote Energy Efficiency

The typical furnace needs replacement after about 16 to 20 years. When properly cared for, these machines do not have to work as hard to provide you with the warmth your home needs. Get the most out of your unit with our furnace repair and maintenance services. By identifying problems before they escalate into expensive repairs, we can help keep your furnace running efficiently.

Our technicians undergo continual training and education to further improve their skills and expand their capabilities. Because of this, our team can identify minute details that can make all the difference in the functionality of your furnace. For example, a flickering, yellow flame can be a sign that carbon monoxide may be leaking out of your furnace. This is important to notice, as a heavy concentration of carbon monoxide can cause a variety of health problems, such as a burning sensation in the nose and eyes, nausea, disorientation, headaches, and other flu-like symptoms.

Rely on Our Team for Furnace Replacement

Upgrade the comfort and value of your home by replacing your furnace. A new furnace from our company pays for itself over time in efficiency and safety. Trust our team to recommend the right unit for your home and to install it properly. We take your needs and the layout of your home into consideration, ensuring the units we submit for your approval meet your budget and will keep you comfortable all year long.

Contact us to learn more about our furnaces. We are proud to serve Houston, Pasadena, and Pearland, Texas.